Cheap Web Design and Development services in Kenya

Cheap Web Design and Development services in Kenya

It is now possible to have a cheap web design.

Many a times people ask, “What does it take to have a website?” or “How much will it cost me to have a custom made website?” Since you have landed on this article you must be having the same questions. I am glad to answer you.

As an experienced web design expert, i have developed several websites over the years. In the past having your website go live was such a big hustle. It also costed a fortune. Today, anyone can make their own website……I know you don’t believe that,but it is the truth.

Designing a website required knowledge in web development languages such as HTML which means Hyper Text Mark-up Language, Java, PHP etc. One also required a web development software. Back then i used to design website using Dreamweaver and Notepad++…I still do when I want to go the code way.

Now lets get to the fun part, as I said before, you can design your website from start to the end without having any computer science knowledge. All you need to follow some simple steps. There are a number of  hosted web development platforms that enable one to come up with clean, unique and professionally designed website for as low as KShs. 9k. I made my company website  for much less. You can also choose to hire me to develop your website.

at iPage we offer cheap web design for all types of websites.

Using web design tools that a number of hosting companies provide, one can develop any website. These web design hosted software include WordPress (We will talk about it in another article), Joomla, Magento, Drupal etc. All these are referred to as CMS in full Content Management System. They offer a What you see is what you get platform to design a website.

I design websites using Worpress. I should think you know worpress already and you know its used by bloggers to publish blogs. It is just more than that as Iwill be training you how to design a beautiful website using wordpress. I will show you an example of my wordpress Obituary website here.

At iPage we provide cheap website design services. This is due to our vast experience in the web development profession. Our custom web designs make your website unique and thus attractive to the visitors.

We have a special package whereby we can develop your website from scratch in just less than a day…i hope thats good news to you.

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