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Software Development

Software Development Services

iPage is a leading Software Development Company in the African market. We offer a wide range of Software Application. As the world goes digital, we have positioned ourselves to bring you the latest,the best and state of the art software to help you manage and grow your business by just a click of the button.

Our software development is customized to match our clients needs. We have a team of developers with a passion for software development and design. We offer the best services ever…Some of our Software Development services are:


Business Management Software-Inventory System.

In this category, we offer the all in one Inventory System. An Inventory System is a computer application that keeps track of all you business processes. Our inventory software has integrated abilities to fully manage you business entirely from a single computer. It has all you need to keep track of you daily business management and the ability to generate relevant reports to help you make informed decisions regarding your business.

The inventory management software development process  is tailor made to fit any business. Whether you are in the Services business or you sell products, the inventory software offers you an easy, accurate and intelligent environment to fully manage your business.

The software also allows you to collect customer details so as to create an easy to manage clientèle. Under the customer setting you have unlimited setting to manage different kinds of customers-e.g those you sell on wholesale basis, retails and distributors.

Our inventory software is one of its kind in the world. It is a one stop manager for your business. The inventory system generates reports for you at any given time to indicate your business position, remaining stock, total sales,pending invoices, pending bills, order pending processing, purchasing history and much more….

You also get to easily manage all your vendors and suppliers.

The iPage Inventory Software has Unlimited Options for your business management solution.