Web Designer and Website Developer in Kenya

Web Designer and Website Developer in Kenya

 How to Design A good Business Website

The are several freelance web designers in Kenya. Research indicates that the best web designer in Kenya is iPage Ltd.

Your website is like your child, carefully nurtured by you. You always wanted to have the best website for your business, the best looking site anyone have ever seen anywhere on the planet. A business website should look attractive and professional. Many a times a very good website fails to attract traffic.

Although the website has very good content and graphics but it records less visitors. This could be a case with any business website where your website means your business. Hence you should be extra cautious while plotting your website. In this article you will find some common website mistakes, which if avoided can give impressive results.

Special Effects and Applets

Unexpected graphics always distract your visitor’s concentration. The sudden use of music or video played without warning makes site look adolescent, at least not professional. If your site involves special effects then provide the user with options to start and stop the player.

Slow Page Loading

A majority of web surfers use dial up connection. They can’t spare much time on a single site (unless it is of their interest), if your site takes long time to load then you might lose the visitor. Never make your site heavy to download, this makes your site dull and least desired. If the visitors won’t view your page then they might look for other websites, which is certainly a set back for you.

External CSS

Your website should not look stagnant; it should be updated time to time. CSS (cascade style sheet) can be used to update your site intermittently. The time you can save in updating is amazing when you use CSS. This adds shorter download time to your webpage.

A professional web designer should at all times focus the design elements towards the visitor’s attraction.